Taking the Confusion out of Food Label Reading

When choosing food to consume as a family, we all value fresh and wholesome nutrition, but food marketing often results in packaging which can be intentionally or unintentionally misleading.  Labels are intended to draw your attention to a product, so it can take some added effort to figure out what the true nutritional value is.

Below are some tips we find helpful to guide food choices that are healthy, safe foods for your kids & family!

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Parents: How to set the emotional tone

It’s easy to understand why we feel distressed when our child is upset: we want desperately to help, we wish the situation were different, or neither we nor our child is in an ideal position to cope with the emotions at hand. Sometimes, we find our pulses racing, our emotions churning, and our voices raising when our children are not exactly in control. 

Children benefit from being shown another option during moments of dysregulation.  This is called setting the emotional tone.  

In order for your child to get from enraged to a mindset of protesting and problem solving, a few things have to happen, but overall, you are creating a space where they can begin to mirror your volume, language, behavior, attitude, and body language to reset. 

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