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Compassionate Family Mental Health Care in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

As the leading provider of family mental health care in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, we understand the importance of offering a diverse selection of treatment options. No two patients are alike, and what works for one person may not work for another. Our professionals will work closely with you and your loved ones to determine the best course of action for your unique situations.

Psychiatric Services

A Psychiatrist is a Medical Doctor (M.D.) trained as an expert in diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders with medication and psychotherapy. A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is the highest level of education available in the field of nursing and emphasizes leadership, systems management, quality improvement and data-driven decision making in behavioral health. When you visit The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach, we will assess your current concerns, create a diagnosis, and then provide recommendations for medication, therapy, or a combination of the two as a treatment.

Our doctors will provide assessment of your current concerns, diagnose, and provide recommendations for appropriate treatment with medication or therapy. We may refer you or your child to other mental health professionals, such as psychologists or counselors, for additional behavioral health interventions or psychological assessment. If you are already working with a psychologist or counselor, a consultation will not replace your plan for treatment with psychotherapy.

Patient Portal

All families that establish care with The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach will be invited to communicate with their provider through our electronic medical record's patient portal: OnPatient. Through this patient portal you are able to view your upcoming appointments and check-in online, request schedule changes from your computer or mobile device, message your doctor through a HIPAA compliant portal, manage your contact information, access your portions of your medical record (labs and test results), have educational material sent directly to your account, and view billing statements.

Psychopharmacology (Medication Management) - Click to Collapse

Medication is prescribed when appropriate based on the cluster of your most predominant symptoms. The goal is to reduce and control symptoms.

Before you begin your treatment, we’ll review potential side-effects, possible treatment alternatives, and risks and benefits. You will receive a written set of potential side-effects for your convenience.

If you are struggling with side-effects, it is your responsibility to contact us to discuss them. Meeting frequently at the start of your medication trial is essential, as it helps our doctors address any side-effects and determine alternatives as needed.

Please be aware that although medication may help, it is most effective when combined with psychotherapy. Most medication trials are not 100% successful; some medications take time to show their full benefits, while others may show more rapid responses. We’ll review perspectives on opting-out of medication during your visit.

Psychotherapy - Click to Collapse

Psychotherapy differs from other medical interventions in that care providers do not provide patients with specific directives. Rather, it involves active collaboration between the patient and doctor.

A 2006 study of treatment for depression and anxiety found that the cognitive and behavioral approaches used in psychotherapy have an enduring effect that reduces the risk of symptoms returning even after treatment ends. Another study found a similar result when evaluating the long-term effects of psychodynamic psychotherapy.

At The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach, our staff uses many different approaches to address symptoms and problems. Talking freely with your doctor can provide relief and help you understand the source of your troubles. We may recommend an approach that focuses on changing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors, or an approach that addresses how your past has unconsciously influenced you.

After establishing a therapeutic alliance with your provider, you will begin to problem-solve, work through difficulties, and manage your emotions. Together, we’ll create, refine, and pursue your goals. As you begin learning new skills, you’ll start to see yourself and the world differently, as well as gain a sense of purpose and control over your life and your behavior. Not only that, but you’ll also gain resilience as you prepare for future challenges.

Psychotherapy comes with a number of benefits and risks. You may experience a number of uncomfortable feelings or recall unpleasant parts of your life. However, psychotherapy has also been shown to have benefits for people who undertake it. It can help you glean insight into your behaviors, build better relationships, and resolve problems that once seemed insurmountable.

Shared Treatment

If you are in treatment with another provider or therapist, it is your responsibility to sign consent for both parties to communicate. Not all of the details of your treatment need be discussed for confidentiality purposes. However, changes in function, attendance, and treatment collaboration will likely be discussed with your therapist as appropriate.

Information and Resources

Your First Appointment - Click to Collapse

All initial visits are scheduled for a 90-minute diagnostic interview. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to review paperwork. If you are an adult client seeking services for yourself, you will meet with the doctor to discuss your history, current concerns, and treatment plan.

If you are seeking services for your child, you, your partner (if possible), and your child will meet with a doctor to gather information about your current concerns, discuss medical, developmental, educational, and social histories, and develop a treatment plan. Generally, the doctor will spend a portion of the session with the child and the parents separately. If there is insufficient time to review the history or if each parent requires separate communication with the doctor, a second or third intake session may be requested. Parents are encouraged to discuss sensitive topics without their child present.

Your doctor will recommend follow-up appointments depending on your diagnosis and medication management plan. These follow-up appointments will last 30-minutes unless your doctor has recommended an alternative.

Follow-Up Appointments for Therapy - Click to Collapse

Your doctor will recommend follow-up appointments depending on the nature of your therapy, duration, goals, and progress. Sessions are usually an hour long. In some cases, however, 30 to 45-minute appointments are more appropriate.

Consultations - Click to Collapse

Consultations may be billed to the undersigned’s account at the discretion of our doctors. Consultations include, but are not limited to, such persons as spouses/partners, therapists, ministers, physicians, attorneys, and family members. Our doctors do not admit or attend to hospitalized patients. Should you ever need psychiatric hospitalization, you will be referred.

Termination - Click to Collapse

The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach considers it an honor to accompany you through treatment. We hope that your experience at our practice is positive and meaningful.

We are also mindful that your relationship with your doctor is at your discretion; you have the right to seek mental health treatment from any provider with whom you feel comfortable. If you have concerns about the quality or nature of the services provided, or concerns about our staff, building, or billing procedures, please let your doctor know. Discussing these issues will strengthen our working relationship and in no way harm the quality of services you receive at our clinic.

Mutual termination is the last phase of treatment. During this time, you and your provider will identify an end to therapy and agree to work in that direction. Usually, this phase of work is highly productive.

Termination is determined when you’ve made substantial progress in completing your treatment goals. Termination may also be the result of other factors, including:

  1. The patient has successfully completed the treatment program, implying significant progress toward meeting their treatment goals.
  2. The patient chooses to terminate treatment.
  3. The patient needs to withdraw due to medical, financial, or legal problems, or due to geographic relocation, lack of parental consent, or other financial demands.
  4. The patient’s attendance and/or lack of motivation prevent further progress toward their goals.
  5. The patient has not appeared for face‐to‐face contact for one hundred‐twenty (120) days and will be automatically discharged from the practice unless less frequent contact has been agreed upon with the provider.
  6. The patient demonstrates inappropriate behavior relative to self, staff, or other clients that is disruptive to the therapeutic process (i.e., threatening and/or intimidating behavior).
  7. The patient or the patient’s parent or guardian makes modifications to type, route, dose, or frequency of medications being prescribed without consulting our doctors.
  8. The patient or parent/guardian refuses to make appropriate financial arrangements to pay for therapeutic services.
  9. The patient or parent/guardian fails to comply with a provision of this treatment agreement.

Contact our doctors with any questions or concerns about the family mental health care services discussed above. We serve families throughout Ponte Vedra Beach, as well as those in Northeast Florida.