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Enroll in Local Academic Coaching Sessions in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Learning is a pleasure when you enroll your child in academic coaching at our wellness center , located in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. We offer individual and group sessions for grades K-12 in a welcoming environment. A typical academic coaching session may include one or more of the following elements: assistance with homework, daily lesson support, subject-specific tutoring, or grade-level enrichment. The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach is committed to creating a place where families find solutions to their after-school or home-school needs with extended hours of operation.

The Retreat PVB Difference

Each of our academic coaches have educational degrees with years of experience, and many have advanced degrees. As life-long learners each academic coach has the opportunity for continual professional development to remain up-to-date on brain-based research helping to identify and implement optimal strategies for a child's learning style. Our coaches are devoted to helping parents learn these approaches to continue to work with their child at home.  

Our philosophy at The Retreat at Ponte Vedra Beach is that every interaction is child-centered and family-informed.  When you reach the “total child”, children become successful, confident, and independent learners. Academic Coaches at The Retreat Ponte Vedra Beach respect every student's individuality & diversity. They are dedicated to meeting the educational, physical, and emotional needs of each student.  Provided here is a consistent and safe environment for all school aged children to thrive.

Contact us today to find out more about our local tutoring opportunities, or to enroll your child. We serve families throughout Ponte Vedra Beach, as well as those in Northeast Florida.

What is an Academic Coach?

The title "Academic Coach" includes elements of the traditional tutoring process; however, our academic coaches provide a much more comprehensive approach and supportive program for each child and family we work with. The Retreat PVB Academic Coaches are highly trained, experienced professionals who guide children's learning by using various teaching strategies based on current brain based research. Our clinical and education interventions are up to date and evidence based. Our educational coaches are trained in cognitive psychology, educational psychology, neuroscience, educational kinesiology, and Kagen structures. The Retreat PVB Academic Coaches focus on embracing the individual differences & diversity of each child.

Why focus on the Total Child?

The "total child's" needs are vast including academic, physical, social, and emotional. Each of these areas is considered and incorporated into every lesson plan. Our educators approach the learning process in a way that includes brain breaks, organizational skills, study habits, test taking strategies, and listening techniques that meets the need of the child in front of them. There is no "one size fits all" approach to learning.


How Do I Know If My Child needs an academic coach?

This is an excellent question that is asked frequently! Please review our descriptions below and contact our team if you would like to schedule time to learn more about how our Academic Coaches support the needs of local children and families in North East Florida.

Consider the following scenarios or types of children:

  1. Some children will ask for help on their own. They sense the need for reinforcement.
  2. Some children want to wait to see if they can improve their performance with time.
  3. Some children may not recognize the need for help at all. This can happen for a variety of reasons:
    • they may be in denial that they are behind or in need of help
    • they may not want to invest any more time in learning or academic support measures like coaching
    • they may not believe that a drop in 1-2 letter grades is worth being concerned over

Outlined below is a list of signs that can help parents determine if their child may need extra support in certain academic or performance areas:

    Signs a child may need academic support - Click to Collapse

    • A student consistently relies on friends (via phone, text, or in person) to complete their assignments.
    • The student blames the teacher or class routine frequently for not being able to understand academic work in class or on homework assignments.
    • There is a decline in grades or sudden change in academic performance.
    • Homework becomes stressful for the student and/or family.
    • Assignments are taking a substantial amount of time to complete.
    • Behavioral problems are impairing ability to learn.
    • Studying for quizzes or exams and not doing as well as expected.
    • Does not want to attend school or does not feel good about going to school.

    How Can I learn more about supporting my child's needs at home?

    We love working with children and families to support the total child and entire family. If you are a parent looking to learn more about creating a home environment that supports your child's learning style or enhance what is currently working for your family, we offer a variety of parenting resources and informational classes. Please review our descriptions below and contact our team if you have a request that is not listed here.

    The Retreat PVB believes that the "Total Child's" needs are more fully met when families understand the coaching process. Sometimes it reduces the stressors that can accompany homework and study time for upcoming quizzes, exams, or projects.

    Educational Information for Parents - Click to Collapse

    • Homework Strategies in the home
    • Nutritional & How it effects the Learning Process
    • Sleep Hygiene
    • Listening Skills
    • Test Taking Techniques
    • Study Strategies
    • Time Management

    The Retreat PVB Educational Philosophy:

    All children are capable of reaching their potential. Children will far exceed expectations when they are placed in an environment that makes them feel valued and capable of applying themselves. Families are doing the best they can with the resources they have. We want to be a resource in the Ponte Vedra Beach community  that comes alongside parents and educators to support the educational needs of local children.